Saltwest Sea Salt Production Tours

Open Seasonally – March through October

Find out how Canadian sea salt is made in the Pacific Northwest at Saltwest Naturals harvestry. 


Owners Jeff and Jess Abel produce hand-harvested artisan sea salt and natural mineral sea soaks from the pristine coastal waters of Sooke. Crafted in micro-batches using evaporating techniques as well as efficient modern technology.


Discover Saltwest’s custom created solar greenhouses that utilize the sun and wind to produce Western Canada’s 1st natural sundried sea salt. With a sustainable touch, using reverse osmosis, the salinity of the seawater increases and our Salish Pure bottled fresh water is produced as a by-product. Kettles boil water to make pure Rain Coast Flor de Sal flakes, delicious organic infused flavours, and our gourmet natural smoked sea salt.

Tucked away in Sooke’s beautiful temperate rain forest, Jeff and Jess look forward to showing you how Canadian Sea Salt is made and invite you to explore their Vancouver Island inspired Salty Gift Shop.

Saltwest Naturals

Harvestry Hours

Follow the blue/white “SEA SALT PRODUCTION” signs on Hwy 14.

Open seasonally – March to October

Tuesday – Saturday 11-5pm

7585 Lemare Crescent
Sooke, BC

Cost to visit us… Free.

Arriving in a large group (10 or more) Let us know…


Please contact Jessica at 778-977-3994 or email